East Tamar Bubbles & Beer

Our Day Trip

Driving through the East Tamar Valley is a delightful experience, scenic views across the winding Tamar River, the sound of birds flying through the air and the fresh smell from the vast fields of grass and forests.

Spanning from Newnham up to the relaxed costal town of Bridport, the East Tamar produces some of the best sparkling wine in all of Australia thanks to its cool climate and unique geography. To top it all off there are now a great range of distilleries and breweries scattered amongst the rolling hills of the East Tamar providing visitors a truly unique road trip experience.

In partnership with Tamar Valley Wine we have pieced together the perfect day trip of the East Tamar Valley with a focus on amazing sparkling wine and local beer.

The first stop on our East Tamar Adventure is at Delamere Vineyard, a winery with a relaxing atmosphere, whilst still producing exceptional wines. At first entry you might be welcomed by the winery’s dog, Chilli, before stepping in to enjoy the aromas of oak and the sound of corks popping off sparkling wine bottles. We highly recommend the Vintage Cuvee currently on offer, as well as a truly exquisite Hurlo’s Rose (you have to try it to understand).

“Delamere represents to me the opportunity to produce wines… working alongside family with some of the finest quality fruit in the country”

Shane Holloway, Delamere Winemaker

Next on our journey we hop over to Pipers Brook and enjoy one of the most scenic drives we’ve ever encountered to reach the cellar door. Vines stretching up either hill side, the road meandering up and down as we make our way towards the expansive cellar door building. The smell of delicious local produce coming from Nadine’s (a top tip for lunch), helps get our palate ready for another great wine tasting. At Pipers we recommend trying out the Brut Rose along with a Pinot Noir – another speciality of the Tamar Valley.

Enjoying the hills, which appear to go for as far as the eye can see, we drive through to Little Rivers Brewing Co in Scottsdale. Brewery turned local hang-out spot, Little Rivers Brewing has a warm cosy feel that makes you want to sit back and enjoy a few beverages whilst sharing in a wood fired pizza with friends. From pale ale’s to dark lagers their beer range is refreshing and a perfect way to complete the delicious pizza’s.

These 3 venues are only some of the great venues on our full East Tamar Valley Route in partnership with Gourmakers and Tamar Valley Wine. If you want to see other great wineries or breweries, such as the sparkling wine from Clover Hill Wines make sure you download the Gourmakers app or view it on the web.

Discover more about the Tamar Valley at https://www.tamarvalleywine.com.au.

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