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Spend Time Enjoying Wineries,

Not Trying To Find Them

WineTime Australia is a Winery App which makes it easier for you to find wineries. Follow Wine Trails. Record tasting notes. Discover, save and learn about wineries.

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Spend Time Enjoying Wineries. Not Trying to Find Them

Winery Search

Winery Search

Winery Reviews

Winery Reviews

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Wine Trails


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Winery Finder App

Step beyond search engines which don’t have the detail you need for wineries. Make it easy for you to search, discover and save wineries.

WineTime is a mobile winery app that makes it easier to find wineries. WineTime Australia helps:

  • People to discover wineries
  • Wineries to engage with customers
  • Wine regions to inform travellers


We want to make it easier for people to find wineries. WineTime Australia makes it easier for people to explore wine regions by helping them discover wineries that suit their needs. WineTime Australia makes it easier to find wineries that you’ll enjoy. You can filter, view, short list and review wineries based on 20+ factors including:

Winery Opening Hours


Winery Wine Variety


Winery Wedding Facilities

Wedding Facilities

Winery Wine Price


Winery Dining


Winery Accomodation


WineTime has a range of key features to make it easier for you to find wineries you’ll love. These features include:

Discover Wineries – Search for wineries across Australia with our Winery Finder feature. Filter wineries with over 20 different filters and search on the map to find wineries near you.

Wine Trails – Discover new wineries by following wine trails across Australia. Learn about the region you are in, or find wineries along some of Australia’s best road trips.

My Label – Your personal winery dashboard. Learn about how many wineries you’ve been too. Discover how many wine regions you’ve visited. See how many shortlists and shortlisted wineries you’ve created.

Saved Wineries – Create your own short lists for upcoming trips to wine regions.

Visited Wineries – Leave reviews for wineries you’ve been too. Record notes as you taste wines across Australia.


We want to make it easier for wineries to reach people. WineTime providies wineries a single digital location to promote their winery and learn more about their customers. WineTime is the winery app for wineries.

Winery Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Winery Events & Deals

Promote Events & Deals

Wine Tasting Notes

Wine Tasting Notes

Winery Customer Engagement

Engage with Customers

WineTime Australia provides a range of features for wineries. These features include:

Data Insights – Learn about what people search for when looking for wineries. Discover what filters people use the most? Whether it be food options, wedding facilities or opening hours.

Winery Stats – See how people interact with your winery and how many people have looked at your winery.

User Reviews – See what people say about your winery and what you can do to improve the cusotmer experience.

Tasting Notes – Load all of wineries into the WineTime Australia app to let people record their thoughts as they taste your wines. WineTime Australia can the wine tasting app for your winery.

Events & Deals – Let people know about upcoming events by loading them into the WineTime Australia app. Help people discover upcoming deals at your winery.

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