Gourmakers – Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Gourmakers (“we”, “us” or “Gourmakers”) process personal information which is collected when you utilise the Gourmakers app (“the app”). Gourmakers takes the privacy rights of its users seriously.

Your Consent

By installing Gourmakers you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this privacy policy, including the possible collection and processing of your personal information. If you wish to revoke this consent at anytime you may delete the Gourmakers app. For particular information, such as location information, we will explicitly ask for your consent to collect this information.

Types of Data Collected

We collect personal information about you when you use the Gourmakers app. Some of this information is required to provide the services associated with the Gourmakers app. If you do not wish to provide personal identifying information then you may utilise the Gourmakers app without creating a login and without providing access to Location data.

Information collected when utilising the Gourmakers app includes:

  • Account and Contact Information – Such as first name, last name and email address.
  • Purchase History – Such as information on if you have a valid subscription to additional features which are available in the Gourmakers app.
  • Geo-location information – Such as approximate or precise location determined based on your mobile device’s GPS location.
  • App Usage Information – Such as filters applied when searching for venues, pages or content you view and links clicked on during the usage of the Gourmakers App.
  • Content Creation Information – If you submit a venue review or tasting note this information is collected.

How we Use Your Personal Information

Information collected when you utilise Gourmakers is solely used for purposes to improve the user experience when utilising the Gourmakers app. These purposes include:

  • Provide a personalised app offering including personalised welcome messages.
  • Provide users a means to retrieve previous data that was entered into the app, for example the retrieval of previous venue reviews or the creation of short lists.
  • Provide an enhanced product offering including the suggestion of nearby venues or gourmet regions based on your current location.
  • Secure your account and data by providing a secure login portal for you to access your personal data.
  • To help inform venue partners about reviews for their venues so they can improve their services.
  • Provide statistical analysis about the use of the App, including providing personalised insight on your utilisation of the app and for venues to learn how users interact with the app.
  • To display advertisements to you.

How we Share your personal information

Personal information collected about your is only shared with third parties if required for the ongoing operation of the Gourmakers app. Personal information may be shared with the following provides:

  • Advertising partners. Gourmakers utilises Google AdMob advertising service to provide advertising for users who do not have a subscription in the Gourmakers app.
  • Service Providers. Gourmakers may provide non-identifying personal information to participating venues and gourmet regions to help educate them on how users interact with the app. This information may include information how you as a user interact with the app (for example, filters applied when looking for venues) or content which you submit such as venue reviews or tasting notes. Review content and tasting notes are not shared publicly and are only available to be viewed by the venue.

Compliance with Law

We may be required to share your personal information to comply with applicable laws, lawful requests and legal processes. If appropriate we may notify members about legal requests unless providing notice is prohibited by the legal process itself.

Data Retention Policy

If you create an account with Gourmakers your data will be retained for as long as the account remains active. If you wish to deactivate your account then you can contact support@gourmakers.com in order to deactivate your account and to remove all information related to your account. Users can also selectively remove data associated with their account through various delete options.

If you have an anonymous account then any personal information will be removed once the app has been uninstalled.

User Choices and Controls

Users can chose to make a series of steps if they do not wish personal information to be collected by the app when they utilised it.

  • Device permissions – Users can revoke any permissions which they are prompted to grant, for example location information
  • Profile Information – Users may chose to utilise the app without creating an account which does not require providing personal profile or contact information
  • Request deletion of data – Users may request to have any data related to them to be deleted and removed from the app by contacting support@gourmakers.com.

Cross-Border Data Transfers

We store information collected from the app on the Google Cloud Platform. These servers are located in Australia, or if Australia is not available then the closest available location.

External Links

The app may contain links to other websites, applications or online services operated by third parties. We do not control any of these third party websites, mobile applications or online services and are not responsible for their actions or contents. Each of these third-party services may have different rules regarding the collection of your personal information and their own independent privacy policies. We are not responsible for the content or online services associated with these third-party platforms.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this page. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. If there are significant material changes to the privacy policy then a notification will be posted in the privacy policy section of the Gourmakers app.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy then you can contact us at:


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